The Life of Crystals: Coro

The Life of Crystals is a project that was initiated with simple and known question: “How does this work?”. This question might be a recurring one for somebody who is used to live with electronic and digital machines, but the reality is that in our relationship with them the state of ‘black box’ is predominant and this rises the idea of being alienated, consistently more separated from what we understand by nature and thus more dependent of this mysterious machines.
Given these conceptual outline, the TLC project proposes the observation of a material that is profusely used in electronics: piezoelectric crystals in order to revisit a widely used and known phenomenon (piezoelectricity).
Starting from this simple observation action, a cross-relationship appeared between natural and artificial, between life and machine, between art and science; and the experience of re-proposing technology, not in a practical and efficient way as it supposed to be for human development purposes, but in a poetic and symbolic way where the archeology of matter leads to reflect our relationship with the domination of matter, and reveal the closeness from technologies with nature (or understand technology as a transformed natural matter where humans play an evolutionary role).


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The Life of Crystals subtitulado español from Monica Bate on Vimeo.

TLC 3rd stage : Coro
In this stage the goals where the following
– improve the crystal growing technique in order to make the sound of crystal easily audible.
– improve the amplification system in order to make the sound of crystals easily audible.
– build a ‘choir’ of crystals of eight voices (multichannel audio system).
– test the system through the installation of it in spaces that are acoustically particular.
– publication of a bilingual book.

TLC 3rd stage collaborators: Antonio Galdamez Silva PhD in Chemistry, Assitant Professor, Chemistry School, Universidad de Chile.
Claudio Muñoz Pilonitis, Bachelor in Arts Major in Sound, Universidad de Chile. Álvaro Pimentel Campos, Bachelor in Arts, Major in Fine Arts; Engineer in automation and industrial control, Inacap.
Eduardo Moreno, Electronic Engineer, Universidad de Chile.

TLC 3rd stage affiliations: Fundación Flores, Vicerrectoría de investigación y desarrollo of the Universidad de Chile, Departamento de Artes Visuales of the Universidad de Chile.

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* Fotografía superior izquierda: Nicolás Fuentes

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